How To Activate AMC on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV

AMC is one of the popular TV channels in America that has been well-embraced by most movie lovers across the globe. The channel is well known for delivering exciting season movies such as The Walking Dead and Creepshow. If you have a smart TV or an internet-enabled device such as a PS or Xbox console, you can stream the movies on the AMC channel via the AMC app. However, you will need to activate the app on your device before you can begin to stream the channel. 

So, how do you activate AMC on your device? You can activate AMC on your Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, or Apple TV by launching the AMC app and using the activation code that it generates to activate the app on AMC’s website. For you to activate AMC successfully on your streaming device, you should have a subscription with a cable or satellite TV provider which has the AMC channel as part of its package. 

If you are looking to activate AMC on any of your devices, continue reading this guide because I’m going to delve deeper by discussing in detail how to do exactly just that. Be rest assured that you are going to find it very easy to activate the channel all by yourself by the time you finish going through the steps in this article. 

How To Activate AMC on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV

Does AMC Have an App?

AMC has an app for all the streaming devices that support it. The app is where you are going to stream movies and shows. 

The AMC app is available for almost all streaming devices which include Roku devices, Apple TVs, Fire Stick Android TVs, Android smartphones and tablets, Apple smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, and Xbox consoles. 

Depending on your streaming device, you can download the AMC app from the Google Play Store, Roku Channel Store, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store. 

Activate AMC on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox Apple TV Using the App

If you want to activate AMC on your streaming device, you must download and install the AMC on your device. 

You should have an account and an active subscription with a TV provider which supports AMC before you begin to activate. You will be required to sign in with the signin credentials of your TV provider when you are activating the app. 

Therefore, you should double-check with your cable TV provider if they offer the AMC channel, and if they don’t you subscribe to another provider who has the AMC channel. 

With the TV provider’s login credentials in place, the next and most important thing to look out for is the activation code that will be displayed on your device’s screen during the activation. 

If your internet connection is good, and you have your login credentials in addition to the activation code, you should really not face any issues during the activation process.  

How to Activate AMC on Roku

If you want to activate the AMC channel on your device, you can use the following steps:

  1. Search for the Home button on your Roku remote and press it.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to Streaming Channels.
  3. Open the Roku Channel Store and type in “AMC” in the search bar.
  4. Select “AMC” when it pops up and Add Channel to install the AMC app.
  5. After you install the app, launch it on your Roku device. Be mindful of an activation code that will appear on your screen. You will need it later to activate the app on the website. 
  6. With your smartphone or computer, visit and enter the activation code you see on your TV screen. 
  7. Click Submit and sign in with your TV provider’s credentials.

Once your credentials are verified by AMC, the app on your Roku device will be refreshed and activated. 

You can then stream the movies or TV shows on the AMC app. 

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How to Activate AMC on Fire TV 

On your Fire TV, you can activate the AMC channel by using these steps: 

  1. Go to the Home screen on your Fire TV and type in “AMC” in the Search bar. 
  2. Select “AMC” when you see it to download and install the app.
  3. Open the AMC app on your Fire TV after it is installed.
  4. An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen. Note it down for later use on the AMC website. 
  5. Use your smartphone or computer and visit Key in the activation code that you see on your TV. 
  6. Click Submit and log in with your TV provider’s credentials. 

That’s it! You should successfully activate the AMC app on your device if you go through these steps. 

How to Activate AMC on Xbox 

If you own an Xbox and you want to activate AMC on your Xbox, you can do so by:

  1. Search for the RB button on your Xbox controller. Tap the RB button on your Xbox controller Repeatedly and navigate to the dashboard. 
  2. Choose Apps and search for AMC in the search bar.
  3. Select the AMC app and then Install it to install the app. 
  4. Hold down the Xbox button to open the newly installed AMC app. 
  5. The activation code will be displayed on your TV. Write it down for later use on the website. 
  6. Use your smartphone or computer and visit Enter the activation code that you see on your TV. 
  7. Click Submit and log in with your TV provider’s credentials. 

If you followed the steps thoroughly, the AMC app on your Xbox will be activated and you can begin to stream movies on the channel. 

How to Activate AMC on Apple TV 

If you use an Apple TV, simply follow the steps below to activate the AMC channel: 

  1. On your Apple TV, go to the App Store and key in “MTV” in the search bar.
  2. Select the AMC app once it pops up and Clicks Install.
  3. Launch the AMC app after installation.
  4. When the app is launched, an activation code will appear on your Apple TV screen. Take note of it and even write it down. 
  5. Go to on your smartphone or computer and input the activation code you see on your TV screen. 
  6. Click Submit. Sign in with your TV provider’s credentials when you are asked to. 

The AMC app on your Apple TV at this point should be activated, allowing you to watch or stream content via the app on your TV. 

AMC Activation Code not Working?

Don’t be surprised when you experience some problems during the activation process. The activation process is pretty easy and simple although a few technical issues may pop up here and there. 

I’m going to discuss some reasons why the activation code may not work on your device and how you can easily fix it. 

The activation code for activating the AMC app on your streaming device may not work due to these reasons: 

  • Typing error on your part as you type the activation code
  • Expired code
  • Poor internet connection
  • Providing the wrong TV provider’s credentials 

When the activation code is not working on your device due to any of these reasons, you can fix it by using any of the tips below: 

  • Check your internet connection status. Make sure the internet connection is strong. You may have to restart your modem or switch to an Ethernet connection if necessary. 
  • Double-check to see if you’ve made a typing error with the activation code on AMC’s website. In order not to run into any issues, just type the characters exactly as you see it on the screen, character for character.  
  • Sign in with the right email address and password when logging in with your TV provider’s details. If your account has expired, make sure to renew your subscription before you proceed with the activation process.
  • Click on Get New Code for a new code if the old one is not working.
  • Relaunch your app. Also, clear the cache and app’s data when you relaunch it. 
  • Delete the app and reinstall it for a new code. 

Soft reset your streaming device or power cycle the device to delete the technical errors on it. 

Can I Watch AMC Without a TV Provider? 

If you have Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV, you can watch AMC without a local TV provider via other digital streaming services. 

Examples of such streaming services include YouTube TV, Philo, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Spectrum TV, and Xfinity Choice TV.

You will have to download the apps of these services on your and subscribe to the packages at a fee before you can stream AMC on their platforms. 

Is AMC Free With Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Prime does not include AMC Premiere as part of its channels. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will rather have AMC Plus in your package. 

The AMC Plus channel in your Amazon Prime package comes at a subscription cost of $8.99 every month. 

However, there is a free trial for this service before you actually get billed. 

What is the Difference Between AMC and AMC Plus?

AMC Plus offers more content/shows to its viewers than AMC Premiere does. 

AMC Premiere typically shows content that is solely associated with AMC including the originals of AMC. AMC Plus, on the other hand, shows content from other AMC brands, Shudder for example. 

AMC Plus also offers content from BBC America. 

If you want to stick to the AMC originals, AMC Premiere may be a better choice for you, otherwise, you switch to AMC Plus.

Can I Get AMC on Hulu?

AMC is available on Hulu. You can subscribe to AMC on Hulu at a cost of $7.99 per month. Hulu also offers free trials for new subscribers and you can cancel your subscription at no cost before the free trial ends.

With AMC, you can watch exciting series such as Killing Eve and Fear The Walking Dead.

What Is The AMC Gift Card Used For?

Sometimes, AMC rewards its viewers with gift cards. The gift cards can be used by viewers to purchase tickets for movies at the theaters. You can also use it to buy on-demand shows for your viewing pleasure. 

Is AMC Available on Amazon Fire Stick?

AMC is available on the Amazon Fire Stick. Just plug in the Fire Stick to your TV and you can download and install the app on the stick. You can stream the shows at AMC on Amazon Fire Stick only after you activate the AMC app. 


If you are a movie fan, you should not miss out on AMC. It offers some of the best movies ever produced by a media house. The channel is currently available on various streaming devices including Roku and smart TVs. All you have to do to access the channel on your device is to install the AMC app on your streaming device and then activate it. 

Depending on your device, you can use the appropriate steps as I have described in the guide to activate. Go through the steps and you will be able to activate the AMC app in the shortest possible time so that you can begin to watch all the exciting movies the channel has to offer.


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